MiVT: Vermont Pressed Flowers

Published: Apr. 26, 2021 at 1:30 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - As the spring flowers bloom, don’t be surprised if you see Wilmington’s Ellie Roden outside in her gardens.

Her extensive beds look beautiful while they’re alive, but they look beautiful after the fact, too.

“I guess I’ve always, always loved flowers. Always. And pressing them is a way of preserving them, like, forever,” Roden said.

This flower pressing extraordinaire is the sole proprietor of Vermont Pressed Flowers. Her passion began after moving to Vermont in 1970.

“I pressed them in the traditional way in books. They were not very good at all. My mother liked them but not many other people liked my creations,” she said.

Four to six weeks pressed in a phone book as a hobby is now a minute or so in the microwave and a full-time business.

Her first craft show was in Western Massachusetts, with a little push from her husband.

“I wasn’t sure anybody would spend money on something that I made but I did it anyway and I was accepted and I was just totally amazed at how much I sold that weekend,” Roden reflected.

Nowadays, she sells mostly online, and does wholesale, too.

As Roden showed us the pressing process, it was hard to ignore the attention to detail she puts into every piece. It begins in her yard.

“I do have pretty large gardens and all summer long I do my picking and pressing of flowers. Then in the winter I do the creating,” she said.

Her works of art come in many forms -- originals, digital prints, bookmarks and cards.

Roden says she loves to share. She offers workshops to everyone young and old, and maintains that anyone can pick a flower from the side of the road and press it forever.

“It’s something that’s accessible to everybody,” she said.

But her beautiful works are homegrown and hand-assembled.

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