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Published: May. 3, 2021 at 1:24 PM EDT
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SOUTH ROYALTON, Vt. (WCAX) - Calm, collective, mindful: at RopaNa Wellness in South Royalton, that’s the motto.

Four years ago, co-founders Rachael Henne and Andrew Switz decided to make the benefits of CBD accessible to all.

“I had PTSD that I was dealing with and I actually couldn’t take medical marijuana which I was actually prescribed because of my job. So, Drew actually started a search for an alternative treatment for me and that’s when we found CBD,” Henne said.

With Henne’s biology background and Switz’s background in horticulture, it seemed like a natural career switch.

“I’ve been formulating personal products for probably 10 years now, so that was kind of the beginning of everything and we just built on it ever since,” Switz said.

In their certified commercial facility, Henne and Switz do all of the testing, formulating, production and packaging of their tinctures, salves and truffles of all varieties.

“We make THC-free and full spectrum options. Everything that’s full spectrum is grown in Vermont and certified organic,” Switz said.

We were there while the duo made a batch of their face oil.

“I personally felt called to develop this formulation because there’s a lot of products on the market that are full of chemicals and it was really hard for me, personally, to find something that worked for my face,” Henne said. “Lavender is super calming on the skin and also helps with acne.”

As we saw, what makes RopaNa unique is their blending of ancient wisdom and modern technology.

“What makes our products different? RopaNa was very intentional from the start. RopaNa the name is actually Sanskrit for ‘to heal oneself’ and something that’s very different is we bless our products with healing mantras in ancient yogic traditions,” Switz said.

Made with intention, and made in Vermont.

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