Super Senior: Harold Richardson

Updated: May. 20, 2021 at 2:00 PM EDT
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WORCESTER, Vt. (WCAX) - In the Washington County town of Worcester, Harold Richardson is a man in motion -- A dog walker and giver of directions.

He has his hands and heart deeply entrenched in the town. He’s like a father to many, but a husband to June.

Reporter Joe Carroll: How did you two meet?

Harold Richardson: At a barn dance.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Instantly connected?

June Richardson: Yes, quite instantly.

Richardson was one of 13 children and came to Worcester at just three years old. “I was born in the house next door,” June said. The two have been together for over 60 years.

Reporter Joe Carroll: So what’s the secret to the marriage?

Harold: I just did. I always keep my mouth shut.

Richardson has another title -- “Mr. Fix-it.” He repairs things for people, much of it at a bargain rate or even for free. “I always have odd jobs around town,” Richardson said. “Every day, I try to work every day.”

A man who made a living with his hands. “I’m not a really brilliant person, I never went to college,” he said. “I just say as few words as I can to get through my life and I always have.”

Words can come cheap -- Richardson though is full of 80 years of wisdom. “I’m a person that always thought positive about something, I never let things bother me,” he said.

He also has a desire to help others. Just ask Jackie Polchies. She wrote 10 pages about how much Richardson means to her and her late husband, Cye. “He always feels he owes it to Cye to do something,” Polchies said. On his death bed, Richardson promised his best friend that he would take care of his wife. “He feels he owes it to us, but we owe him -- for the gratitude, for the many, many years of friendship... He’s a wonderful guy.”

Harold Richardson: I help everybody.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Yeah, why?

Harold Richardson: Because it’s in me to do it and I was told to.

A strong faith and a solid work ethic -- not bad for a self-described “simple man.” “I personally don’t think I deserve this,” Richardson said.

But just ask anyone in town -- they would say otherwise.

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