Super Senior: Constance Olszowy

Updated: May. 27, 2021 at 11:26 AM EDT
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WATERFORD, Vt. (WCAX) - Constance Olszowy, affectionately known as “Mrs. O,” is about to take a stroll down memory lane without even leaving her home.

Olszowy lives in Waterford with her daughter-in-law, Laurie Olszowy, and Laurie’s daughter, Megan Durocher.

Megan Durocher: What goes through your mind when you look at your photos?

Constance Olszowy: Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh.

Reporter Joe Carroll: A lot of memories in 102 years.

Constance Olszowy: Oh yes!

What her eyes have seen in over a century of living! Mrs. O spent her early years in Poland where her father was a blacksmith. Later, her family settled in Connecticut. “I lived across the street from the cemetery, and boy we had a ball hiding in the sunken graves -- of all the things!” Olszowy said.

After she married Walter, the priest said it was time to be fruitful and multiply. “And I told him to get lost. I didn’t put up with that baloney, I’m the boss!” Olszowy said. The couple did have two boys. Her son Dennis married Laurie. Megan, a daughter from a previous marriage was just 7 when she and Mrs. O became fast friends. Their bond became even stronger when Dennis died after a multi-year battle with cancer. “When you lose someone, it’s very hard to talk about,” Olszowy said.

After his death, they found a piece of paper with a simple motto: “Do not fear.” Laurie and Megan have it tattooed on their arms. “Know how to communicate -- it makes the world go around,” Olszowy said.

But with old age comes constant care. For Megan, it’s a small sacrifice for what she’s learned through the years. “You learn so much from her -- what it means to find the joy in small things,” Megan said.

Three generations of women in harmony.

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