Cold Hollow Sculpture Park opens for the season

Updated: Jun. 12, 2021 at 4:36 AM EDT
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ENOSBURG, Vt. (WCAX) - Tucked away by the village of Enosburg Falls sits a park experience unlike any other.

“It’s not just art, and it’s not just land. It’s truly the marriage of the two,” says park co-founder Sarah Stromeyer.

Cold Hollow Sculpture Park sits on around 40 acres of land owned by Sarah and David Stromeyer, and features nearly 70 hand-built sculptures. And as of noon on June 12, it’s open for visitors to stop by.

“We did this as a non-profit so that we could conserve both the land and preserve the art, and in so doing, have this for the future. Beyond us,” says Sarah.

All of the work is made by artist and land-owner, David.

“Most people that come are surprised by the variety of types of examples of the work. They can’t quite believe it’s one person’s work and I take that as a supreme compliment,” he explains.

David Stromeyer bought the land 51 years ago, and has been creating on the premises since. In 2014, they opened the land to the public after turning it into a non-profit and park.

Upon entering the free park, visitors can swing by the welcome barn for a map and description of the works, scattered across the land.

The landscape of Vermont, and his travels, among many other things are what drives David to make the massive sculptures.

“To ask any artist where the inspiration comes from, an artist is a sum total of all of his life experiences. It’s the films we watch, the books we read, the conversations we have,” he says.

David Stromeyer is currently working a book talking about his inspirations and the construction of one of his newest pieces.

But what drives the Stromeyers to keep the unique place open to the public? The sense of community, and learning what others find in the art.

“We know then that we are giving them something meaningful and it ends up being every bit as meaningful to us because that’s really what we hoped would happen but didn’t know until it did,” says Sarah.

Cold Hollow Sculpture Park is open Thursday through Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. It’s free to check out and open to everyone. The Stromeyers say they’re currently working on adding in educational programming as well.

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