Plattsburgh residents provide input on new bike route plan

Published: Jul. 11, 2021 at 7:54 PM EDT
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PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) - Two months after the city of Plattsburgh released a public survey asking residents if they’d prefer a more bike-friendly community, city officials came up with a proposal and presented it to dozens of cyclists.

On Sunday, city officials, including Mayor Christopher Rosenquest, met with 75 cyclists at Peter Blumette Park. They presented the three-phase bike path plan from the Community Economic Development Office to the group. They also got their input.

Rosenquest says if the city is going to become a bike-friendly place, the approach must be community-driven.

“The opportunity is not only to engage with folks but to get feedback, which is a big part of this as well,” said Rosenquest.

•Phase 1 consists of routes that can provide direct connectivity to key destinations and have a road width that can accommodate 5-foot-wide bike lanes.

•Phase 2 consists of routes that are key to connectivity, but road width and traffic volume prohibit the implementation of bike lanes.

•Phase 3 includes roads with high traffic volumes and would require major reconstruction.

Bicyclists say they’re pleased with the city’s plan so far, but they offered some more suggestions.

Philip von Bargen of the Adirondack Community Team says he wants better access to the Saranac River Trail.

“So that families can have easier access, safer access, to be able to get over to that place where they prefer to ride where there are no cars,” said von Bargen.

“I think having every part of the city, which is the south side, the north side and the west side, because the lake is on the east side, to have a safe way to get into the city from the town and vice versa,” said Judy Bechard of Plattsburgh Acquiring Safe Streets.

“We’d like to be up there ranking as a city known for its biking infrastructure, its biking lanes and culture,” said Russell Puschak of the Adirondack Community Team.

Rosenquest says the next step is to tweak the plan with the feedback they just received and then deliver the revised version to the City Council.

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