Police still searching for suspect in shooting at Barton home

Published: Jul. 12, 2021 at 6:01 PM EDT
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BARTON, Vt. (WCAX) - Police are looking for the person who fired a gun into a home in Barton over the weekend while the family was inside. A neighbor was arrested, but that man is not charged with the shooting.

Vermont State Police arrested Brent Bapp, 35, of Barton. They say he did not pull the trigger but there is a connection to the shooting this weekend where bullets flew into a neighbor’s house. They say they are still looking for a suspect.

Brent Bapp
Brent Bapp(Courtesy: Vt. State Police)

Police say they responded to gunshots fired into the Watson home just after 8 p.m. Saturday. Jason Watson and his family were home, including their infant grandchild.

“The investigating troopers discovered that five rounds penetrated the house. There were a number of shots fired,” said Adam Silverman, a spokesman for the Vermont State Police.

According to court paperwork, Watson says he suspected the shots came from his neighbor’s house, where Bapp lives. And Watson told police he’s confused by the shots because he never had problems with Bapp before.

“Upon further investigation, troopers were able to figure out the trajectory of the rounds. They came from a neighboring residence,” Silverman said.

Court documents say Watson admitted to shooting a gun that night but he said it was not in the direction of Bapp’s home.

The next day, Watson says his neighbor Bapp was acting belligerently. Court paperwork says Bapp was toting a gun while cutting down trees on their property line as he threatened to kill and rape members of Watson’s family.

“The suspect was reported to have engaged in a threatening and abusive course of conduct toward several people at the home that had been shot,” Silverman said.

Sunday, police arrested Bapp on several charges including criminal threatening and obstruction of justice.

Bapp pleaded not guilty on Monday and is being held behind bars. He is not accused of firing the shots at the Watson home.

“Although the cases occurred in the same location and involved some of the same individuals, they are separate cases,” Silverman said.

When we went to Bapp’s property to learn more, we were told to leave.

Police say they’re still working to identify the shooter.

Multiple shots were fired into the Barton family's home Saturday night.
Multiple shots were fired into the Barton family's home Saturday night.(WCAX)

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