WDEV celebrates 90 years on Vermont’s airwaves

Published: Jul. 17, 2021 at 9:29 PM EDT
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WATERBURY, Vt. (WCAX) - WDEV signed onto Vermont’s radio waves for the first time 90 years ago. Saturday, the network recognized the milestone with a block party.

Employees, friends, and listeners gathered in Waterbury for the occasion

“It’s been a steadfast, and it’s really a piece of Vermont,” said listener Forbes Morrell of Corinth.

Vermonters know WDEV for its legendary sportscasts, news, music, and niche programming. When residents tune into 96.1 FM, 96.5 FM, 98.3 FM, 101.9 FM, or 550 AM, home and car speakers often welcome them with a famous local voices.

Among them is Ken Squier, WDEV’s owner for the past 42 years. Squier is at the heart of WDEV, and he says he’s thankful to soak up the celebration with friends and family.

“It is an incredible gift that all of these people have stayed with us over the years and have made it such a great radio station,” Squier said.

“I’m happy not just for the station, but for Ken Squire and the Squire family,” said WDEV general manager Steve Cormier. “You know, they have owned a radio station longer than any person in this country.”

Career professionals say part of WDEV’s charm is that it’s a home-grown business that operates with Vermont’s values in mind.

“This station is literally like a family, and I’ve never seen anything like this in any place I’ve ever worked,” said Dex Rowe, WDEV’s weekend announcer.

“You just don’t find independently-owned stations that have been around for this long, and there’s not always something wrong with corporate, but there’s something special with being independently owned and family owned,” said Brady Farkas, host of the Brady Farkas Sport Show.

After a tough year overcoming the pandemic and personally battling COVID-19 himself, Squier says he’s looking forward to the next milestone.

“Well, we’re shooting for 91,” Squier said.

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