Super Senior: Ken Fox

Published: Aug. 12, 2021 at 1:05 PM EDT
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FAIRFIELD, Vt. (WCAX) - Ken Fox values his wide-open land in Fairfield.

“First day I got here, I felt like I was home for the first time in my life,” Fox said.

He headed for the hills in the late ‘60s after leaving a teaching job in the South Bronx. He had enough of city life. “But we weren’t really hippies, we were just four guys who bought this property and lived in the farmhouse across the street,” Fox said.

The cows were sold to make a living and he turned to his passion, opening Gardyne Hall in Montgomery Center, a place to buy a brew and hear a tune. “I have no concentration on anything else -- it’s music, music, music,” Fox said. “You know, the funny thing is, as a kid, I was very shy, I never had girlfriends, I was afraid of girls.”

His new surroundings changed his tune about life and he came out of his shell and put on new duds. “That’s me wearing the bearskin coat,” Fox pointed out in a photo from the time period. “Shy, yeah, very shy.”

Fox and his buddies worked hard and partied hard. “We lived upstairs on the third floor, so it was frigid -- no heat,” he said.

When the bar went bust, Fox had to find a new job and transformed to “DJ Fox” to keep his world spinning. He worked clubs, mostly in Burlington. He still has over 7,000 thousand LPs in his record collection and an equal number of 45s.

From country, show tunes, and Beatles, to AC/DC -- Australian bad boys to “Thriller.”

Reporter Joe Carroll: What happened to your hand?

Ken Fox: That’s a Michael Jackson glove... Is it overwhelming yet?

It’s a music collection that Fox still listens to with his wife, Bonnie.

Reporter Joe Carroll: What do you think of his music collection?

Bonnie: I think it’s amazing, I love it.

The couple is celebrating their 33rd anniversary -- months that is. You see, Fox was late to the game of matrimony.

Reporter Joe Carroll: It took you a while to get married.

Bonnie Wilson-Fox: Yes it did.

Ken Fox: It sure did. Most of my friends are still shocked that I got married.

Fox was 75 when he first tied the knot. After years of dating, Fox said Bonnie had had enough. “’If we don’t get married today, I’m leaving,’” he recalls her saying. He wanted to think it over, but Bonnie said no way.

“I went out to get into my car and all of a sudden he appeared in the doorway,” Bonnie said. “And we got into the car together and drove to the town clerk.”

They found a justice of the peace/farmer. When he was done milking, he performed the wedding. “Sometimes it takes an ultimatum,” Bonnie said.

Now they’re in harmony. A life of music described in a song. “A long and winding road,” Fox said with a laugh.

On a back road in Fairfield.

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