MiVT: Grand Isle Pasta

Published: Aug. 30, 2021 at 1:24 PM EDT
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GRAND ISLE, Vt. (WCAX) - You never know what you’ll find down a Vermont dirt road. In Grand Isle, it might be pasta.

Gloria Ruvalcaba and her husband David Schoch moved here from California more than a decade ago.

“We went to the local farmers market here and thought, ‘That’s a very cool thing, this farmer’s market.’ And we wanted to be part of that, so we thought, ‘What could we produce and sell here?’” Schoch said.

Though neither one is Italian, they landed on pasta anyway, practicing in their home kitchen until they got it right.

“The first batches we sold were pretty miserable. We did fresh at the beginning and people tried to be nice, of course, encouraging us, saying oh what a great product we have but we knew it’s not that good. But over time we practiced and actually got the hang of it,” Schoch said.

With better products came better sales, and eventually, they built a commercial kitchen on their property to keep up. That’s where you can find Ruvalcaba, bouncing around and making all sorts of pasta.

“It’s like playing like Play-Doh, you know?” she laughed. “It is fun.”

When I visited, she was making tricolor maple leaf pasta, a big hit with tourists.

For their products, they use only fresh produce, semolina flour and water -- a vegan-friendly combo.

That’s the fun part about these noodles, besides the shapes and names. Everything they use is locally sourced, except semolina flour, which is sparsely made in Vermont.

Next time you’re picking between a box of pasta or a bag of Grand Isle Pasta, just remember...

“It’s made with love, of course,” Schoch said.

You can find Grand Isle Pasta at the Champlain Islands Farmers’ Market, and other local stories.

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