MiVT: Rockledge Farm Woodworks

Published: Sep. 6, 2021 at 1:23 PM EDT
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WEATHERSFIELD, Vt. (WCAX) - “We are truly a handmade, hand-produced shop. Every single piece that comes out of here is an individual, beautiful piece of wood that’s been crafted by a craftsman.”

That’s how Rockledge Farm Woodworks owner Scott Duffy describes his shop. It’s located down in Windsor County, and it’s the place to go for any custom furniture you could possibly imagine.

“We make all different types of wood products. The nucleus of our business is custom furniture designed in concert with a client,” he said.

You can find father-son duo Scott and Ian working each day in old barns located on their Weathersfield property that’s been owned by their family for generations.

“We’ve converted a good portion of the barns to workspace or gallery space,” Scott said of the 200-year-old structures.

Just because the property is old, doesn’t mean the aesthetic of their work is. In fact, giving customers exactly what they want, regardless of style, is their bread and butter.

“The appearance that they’d like, the type of wood that they’re using, the finish that they would like to have on the furniture,” Scott said.

Depending on customer request, the wood is often sourced very locally -- unless the wood requested is not grown in Vermont.

“Oftentimes we’ll pull logs off of this property and use them, as well,” Scott explained.

That’s one of many reasons why customers from all over New England, and the country, turn to this team for home decor, both big and small.

When WCAX News went to visit, Ian gave a demonstration on how to make a Shaker-style piece.

“What we’re going to end up making is a divided carrier,” he explained. “We use a traditional hands-on method to shape the wood. Each piece is hand-cut prior to the bending process.”

The wood strips, soaking outside in hot water, are bent over a form and nailed together.

In their gallery, there are more beautiful wooden works -- grown, cut, shaped, sanded and stained right here in Vermont.

“I like to think that we produce a very high quality product. We really try to work within the needs of every individual customer to produce a product that they’re going to be happy with when it’s delivered to their home,” Scott said.

While many of their smaller works are sold wholesale, they commission custom jobs for anyone who’d like them.

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