Cheap power has recreational marijuana industry eyeing Plattsburgh

Published: Oct. 4, 2021 at 4:53 PM EDT
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PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) - Adult-use recreational marijuana has been legal in New York for months but the industry is at a standstill until regulations are set by the state.

In the meantime, the industry has taken an interest in Plattsburgh, and that has some law enforcement officials concerned.

“Some are New York-based, some are out-of-state-based,” said Mayor Chris Rosenquest, D-Plattsburgh.

The conversation of bringing the marijuana industry, both growing and selling, to the Lake City is happening. It’s not if but when these businesses will come.

“We are still waiting on that until we can get a really clear, defined guideline from New York state. We are still just talking,” Rosenquest said.

The state has created an Office of Marijuana Management. And recently, Gov. Kathy Hochul added more members to its board. Their job is to create regulation for the industry in the state, including licensing, production and sales.

Mayor Rosenquest says the industry wants to cash in on the cheap power offered in the city of Plattsburgh.

Electricity use will be monitored and regulated for the industry so the city won’t pass its allotted threshold and see costs go up.

According to the mayor, the businesses looking to call the Lake City home have the knowledge needed to set up shop and the capital to do so.

“We’ve had a number of serious players that have come to talk about it and we welcome those conversations as investment opportunities in the city of Plattsburgh,” Rosenquest said.

But local law enforcement still has concerns surrounding the legalization of marijuana and its future in the region.

“I see day to day the problems,” Clinton County Sheriff Dave Favro said.

Favro says it can lead to problems of use and abuse or driving impairment and could negatively impact a person’s coping skills if they were to become dependant on it.

“Now you have lost those coping skills and it’s the substance helping you calm down,” he said. “That’s my fear long term for society. Where are we going to see in five years, what are we going to see in 10 years?”

Back in the city, the mayor says already having a medical marijuana dispensary shows there is growing interest in bringing the industry here.

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