Healthwatch: Avoid post-Halloween frights at the dentist’s office

Published: Oct. 27, 2021 at 3:01 PM EDT
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PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) - Our Kelly O’Brien takes a look at how scary that candy can be for their teeth.

Over the last 15 years at Champlain Smiles in Plattsburgh, Doctor Athena Graves has warned little ghouls and goblins of the scary truth of your sweet tooth.

“The bacteria in your mouth likes to eat that sugar and that starts to produce acid and that eats away at your teeth,” Graves explained. She says it’s ok to indulge in candy here or there but the problem is the overflowing trick-or-treat bags. “Sometimes a big bag of candy can last months.”

To save your teeth from the monster sweets, she says to make sure to brush after eating. She says that after children have had their fair share, it’s the parents’ job to take possession of the stash. “Bring it here, we are happy to take it,” Graves said. The office pays a dollar for every pound of candy brought in. They will also match the total amount handed out with a donation to a local food shelf.

And the candy isn’t in her office for long. Graves sends it off as a sweet treat to those serving overseas. “This way it gives the soldiers over there a little taste of home, and in addition they can give it out to people there who might not have ever had the opportunity to have candy,” she said.

Drop off is next Monday through Wednesday at their office. “It’s kind of a win for everyone,” Graves said.

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