Help Wanted: UPS workers

Published: Nov. 30, 2021 at 2:52 PM EST
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - With the holiday season underway, UPS is once again looking to hire seasonal and full-time workers to meet the surge of packages this time of year. As part of our ongoing series on high-demand jobs, our Kayla Martin took a ride to see “what can brown do for you.”

Kipp Youngman has been working for UPS for 29 years. He started as a seasonal worker and never looked back. “I fell into UPS,” he said. “Found out that it was a pretty darn good gig.”

To get more holiday help, UPS hires employees’ family members and then lets them work as teams. “It’s awesome. We really have a really good time, and they get to see exactly what we do, so that’s the best part,” Youngman said.

For the last couple of years, Youngman has been working alongside his kids, Dezirae and Kipp, during the holidays. “I enjoy it. They pay really well and I am super blessed to be able to do it with my brother and my dad,” said Dezirae.

“Allows me to spend time with my family when I don’t see them at all,” Youngman said.

And UPS can use all the hands they can get. “Right now it’s just really difficult to get people in the door,” said Jackson Stewart, a supervisor at UPS. He says they’re looking to hire 150 people in the Burlington area for morning, afternoon, and overnight shifts. Positions range from warehouse workers to drivers and office jobs. “We’ve been out with posters, we have ads, we have bonuses and incentives that are also available to retrain people that do come to work for us.”

Perks vary depending on the job, but they include tuition assistance and weekly bonuses.

Kipp’s daughter is in college and is working for UPS driving her own vehicle to make deliveries. She makes $21 an hour and is reimbursed for mileage. Her younger brother rides along with their dad in his UPS truck. “As a driver helper I make $18 an hour,” said Kipp, the younger Youngman.

Youngman admits it’s not for everyone. “Sit back here and get bored, get cold, and whatever. That’s just true reality. But then there are sunnier days where it’s like, man this is great, they’re paying us for this, you know -- music blasting, having a great time, having great memories,” Youngman said.

And his favorite part of the job... “Hands-down -- relationships with the customers. Definitely, I mean we’re at their homes,” Youngman said.

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