Town of Plattsburgh to replace stolen ‘Champy’ sign

Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 12:27 PM EST
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PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) - The Town of Plattsburgh is replacing its stolen “Champy” sign.

The William C. Pomeroy Foundation honored America’s Loch Ness Monster in 2019 with their Legends and Lore’s marker seated on the shores of Lake Champlain on Cumberland Head Road. But the sign was stolen last year and there are still no leads to who may have taken it.

There was an outpouring of community support to bring the sign back and it will be back after funds are raised to replace it. The marker costs $1,500 to replace. The Pomeroy Foundation has pledged to pay half of the cost if the town can come up with the rest.

“Working with collaboration with the Clinton County Historical Association, we’ve put together a creative solution where we are going to sell a limited edition t-shirt run of Champy with his or her sign and try to build back some of the community spirit even though the sign was stolen and get it reinstalled by summer 2022,” said Plattsburgh Town Supervisor Michael Cashman.

The shirts will run $25. Payment and pick up are through the town offices. There will only be 50 shirts made and they will stop selling by February 8th. Call 518-562-6850 to request an order form.

Town of Plattsburgh will replace stolen Champy sign
Town of Plattsburgh will replace stolen Champy sign(WCAX)
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