Panton ice tower stands 30 feet tall

It’s a 30-foot tall art sculpture made entirely of ice, helped by a hose.
Published: Feb. 3, 2022 at 8:42 AM EST
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PANTON, Vt. (WCAX) - Some pass the time in winter skiing, snowboarding or building igloos, but one couple in Panton lets nature decide what their cold structure will look like. It’s a 30-foot tall art sculpture made entirely of ice, helped by a hose.

“We call this the Panton ice tower, and we started making it last year,” said David Clevenstine, the creator of the tower.

Clevenstine says the idea dates back 13 years. He says it’s been a trial and error process.

“We just started spraying it and it became a wall pretty quickly,” said David.

So far with our recent Arctic-like temperatures, it didn’t take long before the Cleventines were on to something.

“We just kept building out from there,” David said.

“I didn’t used to love the winter, and it’s a good way to get excited about the winter because the colder, it’s like yeah, more feet,” said Ellie Clevenstine, the creator of the tower.

Word travels around town and through Facebook. Ellie says the fanfare is fun.

“I mean that’s my favorite part; I love seeing all the people slow down and wave, take pictures. We do see people walking around in the summertime, but this is like a new set of people coming out in the winter,” said Ellie.

The Clevenstines say the water bill isn’t their favorite.

“So I think at this point we are at about 20,000 gallons used, but we are on track for probably about 40 or so depending on how long it lasts,” said David.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and Vermont doesn’t stay cold forever.

“I think last year’s stayed upright. We turned the water off end of February, and it stayed upright until about three weeks,” said David.

Clevenstine says the base held long after the grass had grown and greened.

This year’s tower is bigger, so make your guesses about how long it will last and yes, it will likely be back next year.

“It’s just fun and something we can encourage the community with during the winter months for sure,” said Clevenstine.

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