Like Mother, Like Son: St. Michael’s hockey player and his mother share a special bond on the ice

The son of a former professional ice skater, ice skating runs in the Narby family
The son of a former professional ice skater, ice skating runs in the Narby family
Published: Feb. 28, 2022 at 6:23 PM EST
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Colchester, Vt. (WCAX) - Ice skating is a unique part of the Narby family.

St. Michael’s Sel Narby and his mother Alicia both started skating at a young age. Alicia would go on to become a professional ice skater while Sel just finished up his senior hockey season with the Purple Knights. But it’s that same passion for skating that has created a special bond between mother and son.

When Alicia turned 18 years old she skated amateurly for seven years and then on the professional level for around five more. She no longer skates professionally, but she has been coaching an ice skating class for 34 years. That’s where her son Sel comes into the picture.

He would attend her training sessions at a young age, oftentimes glued to a cone on his tiny skates watching all the other skaters go by. Eventually, Sel started gliding around the ice on his own to years later becoming a key member with the St. Michael’s hockey team.

You could say having a mother who’s a former professional ice skater certainly has its perks, and Alicia sees plenty of similarities between how she skates compared to how Sel is on the ice.

“Some turns and edges that he uses that I know I had some influence on him when he’s doing it,” Alicia said. “In fact, when I see him skating, or just standing around, we have a lot of similar stances, and the way he skates, I kind of skate the same way. It’s very funny to watch, actually.”

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