NH home grow marijuana bill moves forward

Published: Apr. 15, 2022 at 4:25 PM EDT
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WEST LEBANON, N.H. (WCAX) - A bill that allows New Hampshire residents to grow marijuana at home is one step closer to reality.

The bill legalizes up to six homegrown plants. It already passed the House and this week was voted out by the Senate Judiciary Committee. It now goes to the full Senate for a vote.

Supporters says the bill is right in line with New Hampshire’s ‘Live Free or Die Motto.’ “Home grow is something that you should be allowed to do. We are allowed to make craft beer, you are allowed to make craft alcohol, why shouldn’t you be able to grow it? If you don’t want to buy it from a store or from the state store, you should be able to do it,” said Rep. Tim Egan, D-Sugar Hill.

A bill that legalizes the sale of marijuana at state-run liquor stores in New Hampshire has also already passed the House. A public hearing with senators on that bill will take place in Concord on April 20th.

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