Heat index warning for outdoor enthusiasts

Published: May. 21, 2022 at 9:34 PM EDT
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WATERBURY, Vt. - (WCAX) There was a heat advisory in effect most of Saturday. You’ve probably been itching to get out and enjoy the Green Mountain State. But, your body might not be used to the heat we’re feeling right now as you hit the trail and hike.

Waterbury Backcountry Rescue says when you’re hiking, drink plenty of fluids and sports drinks. Team leader Brian Lindner said, “the most common mistake we see in folks needing rescue is not being prepared for the possibility of any emergency, like without extra fluids or the appropriate clothing. Lindner continued, “The thing we do see in hot temperatures is heat cramps. And generally we can hike to the folks and give them some electrolytes and then they’re able to come out under their own power. But then you can go beyond that and you can go to the much more serious injuries, which we haven’t encountered but the danger is there.”

Linder adds too many times, folks are too reliant on their cell phones and assume they can call 911 and quickly receive help if necessary. But he said being prepared when you go on a summer hike is crucial because sometimes backcountry rescues can take hours.

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