MiVT: 12K Granola Company

Published: May. 30, 2022 at 4:37 PM EDT
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WEST GLOVER, Vt. (WCAX) - There’s a tasty snack that’s “oat of this world” in the town of Glover.

12K Granola has always been made in the Northeast Kingdom town, but its ownership has changed hands a few times. The most recent change in the spring of 2021 after being listed on Facebook Marketplace.

“We kinda saw it and it was like, “I dunno, do you want to own a granola business on top of everything else that we do?” said John Rodgers, who bought the business with his wife, Kristen.

The Rodgers are full-time parents and full-time self-described busybodies. “We love this granola and we wanted to keep it local. It’s been in Glover all its life so we wanted to keep it local,” Kristen said.

Together, they own the granola company and a CBD company he runs with his state-senator father of the same name on the 380-acre family farm. John is an engineer and Kristen is a fitness coach, after retiring from dentistry.

“My wife and I are kind of chronic hustlers. We want to do things on our own terms, be successful financially, be able to work hard but have fun when we want to,” Rodgers said.

So while this sweet treat is a yummy addition to their line-up of businesses, neither one had any experience making granola. “It’s always been in the small grocery store in town. So, every once in a while I’ll grab a bag of it. So, I enjoy granola, I guess you could say,” Rodgers said.

Lack of granola background hasn’t proven to be much of an issue, as they’ve kept the recipe mostly the same. “Coconut, sunflower seeds, and our two different kinds of oats,” Kristen explained.

This granola, they say, is different than bigger brands. Aside from local ingredients, the product itself is soft, as opposed to crunchy. It’s made by hand and is best eaten out of the bag.

“This is the Chocolate Almond Delight, so we wanted to keep chunks of toasted coconut in there. This is definitely the crowd favorite,” Kristen said.

What these two have changed is their distribution, adding a website so that anyone, even those 12,000 miles away, can have some.

But the Rodgers will be keeping 12K Granola production just a few miles up the road in Orleans County.

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