Motorcycle Week warning from police

Published: Jun. 13, 2022 at 6:05 PM EDT
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LACONIA, N.H. (WCAX) - The 99th annual Laconia Bike Week is in full gear in New Hampshire. However, it comes with a warning from law enforcement.

“In terms of motorcycle accidents and fatalities, June is our highest month in both of those categories, unfortunately,” said Capt. Chris Vetter with the New Hampshire State Police.

It’s an annual event that attracts thousands of riders from all over the country. But with all that increased traffic comes increased dangers. Last June, of the 144 nonfatal motorcycle crashes during the month, more than 50% took place during Bike Week.

“You know motorcycles are difficult to see sometimes in traffic and intersections. We ask motorists to be aware. Check twice at the intersections, check your blind spots before changing lanes,” Vetter said.

Officials say riders need to do their part. That means not operating impaired, wearing a helmet and following the rules of the road.

“We come every year on my bike and this is what we do,” said Paul Lally.

Lally and his crew are up from Lynn Mass.

“People in their cars really don’t pay attention to motorcycles. They are reckless with it, so to be aware is to be alive,” Lally said.

Jeffery Marrs also traveled from Massachusetts.

“A lot of people aren’t paying attention, cellphones, playing with the radio. So yeah, you got to be one step ahead of everybody else around you,” Marrs said.

So far there have been seven motorcycle fatalities this year in New Hampshire. The most recent happened over the weekend in the Manchester area.

“From our perspective, we are just trying to spread the message and if we can reduce the number of crashes that occur, then hopefully we can reduce the number of fatalities that occur as well,” Vetter said.

Helmets are not required here in the Live Free or Die state but law enforcement say wearing them can save lives.

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