Glass Blowing Challenge gives amateurs a crack at the art form

Published: Jul. 2, 2022 at 8:06 PM EDT
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - The Burlington Glass Blowing Challenge is a competition for everyone. And people at the Bern Gallery say that it’s what makes what they do there special.

“That has been our niche since we opened the store almost 20 years ago it’s that there’s very few places that you can come and see live glass blowing, let alone get a custom piece, or a repair or do these types of things so we’ve always been offering this unique service and it’s been really rewarding,” said Tito Bern, Co-founder of the Bern Gallery

In the competition, participants had 3 minutes to create the largest glass marble they could. The less experience, the better.

“The best part is definitely seeing people behind the torch for the first time, and it is kind of an intense environment because it is a competition but it’s great to see people behind the torch for the first time it’s definitely an amazing experience,” said Bern.

The event was totally free, and those who participated say it was a unique opportunity to get hands on experience with an art form that is truly like nothing else.

“With how popular glass blowing is becoming it was nice to see and actually have a tangible experience… I did a lot of arts in college and in high school I did like 7 courses of art and I’d never done anything with glass blowing so it was really cool to try it at somebody else’s expense,” said Liam, a glass blowing competitor.

And although torching glass with huge flames is a lot of fun, what means the most to those at the gallery is being able to extend the opportunity to try glass blowing to those who would never otherwise get the chance.

“Since it’s our 14th one we’ve put well over 1000 people behind the torch that probably wouldn’t have… it’s really good, it’s really good it finally feels right,” said Bern.

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