Why happiness blooms at Vermont pick-your-own flower farm

Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 3:58 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, Vt. (WCAX) - Vermont is known for its summertime greenery but there are lots of colors in bloom at the Glory Flower Farm in Charlotte. And while the zinnias and sunflowers are lovely, the family may argue the real beauty is in the joy they bring.

Under gray skies, there are still colors aplenty in Charlotte. The Glory Flower Farm is a new place to pick your own bouquet and the latest venture for the Feiker family.

Wellness is something Christy and Knut Feiker hold near and dear to their hearts. The two have owned a supplement and essential oil business for nine years. Christy is a licensed midwife and Knut sold his chiropractic practice when they moved here from Milwaukee a few years back.

“We’re just doing things a little differently,” Knut said. “I wanted to be able to spend time with my kids while they were young and be able to learn skills, be close to the Earth.”

So they set up shop on this 12-acre plot in Charlotte to get back to basics.

“Having the 12 acres here, we always wondering what will we do with the land?” Christy said.

A trip to a pick-your-own flower farm in North Carolina made the choice easy for Christy, who is taking a break from midwifery.

“It was just a feeling of joy and excitement and like, I have to do this,” she said.

Knut was on board, too.

“Flowers grow everywhere that she goes. Like, every house that we’ve lived in, they just pop up, you know? Especially daisies and sunflowers,” he said.

That’s a good thing because neither one of them had ever grown flowers to this capacity.

Growing began in their basement in March, with 8,000 seedlings. They eventually moved the flowers to the fields in May with the dozens of varieties now in bloom for people to cut and enjoy.

“Every session has been filled with all different walks of life, older couples, families with babies, people coming on a date, like all different people from all over,” Christy said.

While the income and visitors are lovely, the operation is more about healing aromas and bonding time with family. Christy and Knut credit their four children, ranging from ages 7 to 20, for all of their help with the blooms.

“I remember I was talking to a customer and I was saying, ‘Yeah, my wife and I started the business.’ And Astri was like, ‘No! We all started the business, we did it too!’ And I’m like, ‘You’re right. It’s a family business,’” Knut said.

A family business giving people a chance to get outside, enjoy the Vermont summer and support some Vermont farmers.

The Glory Flower Farm welcomes guests on Saturdays and even Wednesday nights. For $30, you can get a pitcher full of flowers to wrap and take home. They intend to remain open until the first frost, as they have fall goodies like pumpkins planted, too.

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