‘Funk on the Water’ gives people a chance to catch the variety of Vermont beers

Published: Aug. 14, 2022 at 8:24 PM EDT
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - Burlington’s Foam Brewers celebrated its five-year mark by putting on a ”Funk on the Water” event for the community.

“It’s a great opportunity for Vermonters who love good beer to come enjoy great beer from the rest of the country while also showcasing some wonderful Vermont beers to the tourists coming to check it out,” said Matthew Wyley of South Burlington.

Having a variety of beers for people to try is the goal. The beer lovers say the variety is pretty great.

“There’s a lot of phenomenal beers that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise unless hosts of this event,” Wyley explained.

Organizers say Funk on the Water is one of the biggest sour beer events in New England. Sour beer is acidic, and tart, and brewers say it’s complex.

This event is a little different from most beer festivals. Foam gets in touch with other breweries all over the country and parts of Canada and asks them to send over a keg of their sour beers. Normally, Foam Brewers would serve their own beer on a regular day, but on this day, they serve beer from other places.

“Our event’s pretty special because we’re the ones pouring the beer. It’s in our own space and those breweries really want to be a part of having that in our space,” employee Tom Earley said.

The event had more than 300 people visiting all weekend with all different kinds of beers to choose from. Most of the time the line is out the door.

Angel O’Donnell used to work the event and loves it so much that she had to come back as a customer.

“So it was really cool not only to see our variety but other breweries that we probably wouldn’t be able to go to. So it’s the closest thing I can get to that. I don’t know I just love that, and plus having local food next to us to pair nicely with it, like I’m a foody,” O’Donnell said.

Of course, there are others who just want the chance to try something different.

“The one that I tried they said taste like nectarines and it honestly does so. I am enjoying myself. I’m having a good time and it’s a nice day to be out,” visitor Marlon Hyde said.

Organizers said this year’s turnout was great and the owners will definitely keep up the tradition for upcoming years.

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