3rd Annual Stomping Out Stigma event

Published: Sep. 17, 2022 at 10:20 PM EDT
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RUTLAND, Vt. (WCAX) - The Turning Point Center of Rutland hosted the third annual Stomping Out Stigma event to raise awareness of the stigma often associated with substance abuse.

“The turmoil, the bad names are being judged upon. And we’re trying to do away with that because we’re doing away with that,” said Michael Daly, a recovery coach.

The turning point center of Rutland is a non-profit organization that provides people recovering from drug addiction with a place to get support, coaching and education completely free of charge.

“Maybe get a coach maybe find a safe place to live they need some help with getting some maintenance for treatment because there’s something else that they’re missing,” said Daly.

The organization is using the event to share resources on a large public scale by working with other recovery partners to eliminate judgment and blame.

“Whether they see it here gone by or they see just walking by that there’s people out there to help me that care. And we do care because the hardest thing is walking in the door or just let alone reach out ask for help. Because it’s hard,” said Daly.

Turning Point executive director Tracie Hauck says she hopes that being accessible in the Rutland community inspires people to seek help if they are seeking help with recovery.

“I would like to feel welcomed by society on starting my new path and recovery and not having the judgment about Oh, you made a poor choice, or you made you know, you got into addiction, and you did illegal things… I’d rather people say where are you going to go from here? What do you want to do better? You know that that show and they’re strong people strong people that they need to be recognized as just as valuable as anybody else,” said Hauck.

But above anything people here say that what they want to do is show anyone struggling with addiction that they can rely on Turning Point.