Dispensaries across the Green Mountain State are gearing up for a change in the retail market

Published: Sep. 24, 2022 at 9:32 PM EDT
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DERBY, Vt. (WCAX) - “It’s going to be a safer environment. It’s going to be a go to spot and so it’s you’re not going to have to meet your friend outside near the train station or you know what I mean?” said Brian Fisher a co-Owner, The High Country “it’s almost gonna be like buying alcohol that come in and you’re gonna know what you want.”

The High Country is a dispensary located in derby that is getting ready to stock its shelves with the new inventory

“we’ve been working on the store for about six months, with the town and the state and the CCB getting everything together… I think I think it’ll be a success for the community,” said Michael Hatin another Co-Owner of The High Country.

The shop is trying to get the community ready for the shift which is why they held a meet and greet event to introduce locals to both the product and growers.

“Introduce cannabis to the area. Let people know it’s a good thing,” said Hatin

At the event, anyone who stopped by could talk to cultivators and even got the chance to take home free samples. Island Pond is a grower whose products will be found on High Country’s shelves. People there say that getting out in the community is essential to spreading information as stores begin to open

“As the stores come online, then there’s they start educating the public on all the products that are available, because there’s a lot of different products available. It’s not just throwing a doobie anymore like the old days you know, and it’s, it’s about the inclusion and acceptance that’s going to start coming from it,” said Scott Gowdy from Island Pond.

But even though the event was a way to celebrate the nearby opening people there say that they also want to send a message out to their community that retail cannabis is nothing to fear.

“If you aren’t educated get educated by the staff at the dispensaries. Don’t be afraid to go into it. It’s not scary. And then I was always saying just like with drinking, you know, doing moderation start small and see how it goes,” said Gowdy.