Casella to buy part of College of St. Joseph campus to train workers

Published: Sep. 30, 2022 at 5:14 PM EDT
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RUTLAND, Vt. (WCAX) - Casella Waste Systems is buying part of the College of St. Joseph campus.

“It’s both the story of, you know, hometown development and reinvestment, but it shows that Rutland has a lot of value to a big company. A big waste management company like Casella,” said Mike Doenges, a Rutland City alderman.

The College of St. Joseph has sat empty since 2019, and many buyers have been interested in the site for the last several years. Now, the college has a new buyer that intends to bring their employees from all over the country to Rutland.

“We have a vision for this campus that includes all of the space. But mainly as a campus for learning. We have employees all over the United States. We want them to come here and not only learn the technical skills that they need in order to do their jobs well but also learn what it’s like to manage well, lead well within the Casella culture,” said Joseph Fusco of Casella.

Casella is a waste management company that started in Rutland, but now operates throughout the Northeast and has more than 2,000 employees.

The company has been looking at the property for several months now. They saw this as an opportunity to create more roots in their community. The new training facility will be focused on teaching things like technical skills, accounting, sales and management. They also are considering putting in housing on the campus for those learning and their families.

“So that when they do come to the home office, when they do come for training, they have a place to stay. Some of our new hires we are bringing from all over the country, give them a place to land while they look for a permanent place to live in the Rutland area,” Fusco said.

Casella has not yet closed the deal on the property but intends to purchase as soon as possible.

Rutland Mayor David Allaire says he’s excited about the project and this may jump-start the city’s plans for new housing.

“I think this will help as far as Casella goes. We are looking at another piece of that campus that’s still up for sale, and we can possibly build some housing down there,” Allaire said.

“It’s going to affect everybody. It will affect the small businesses that are selling, whether it’s clothes downtown or the restaurants that are here. They will all have those people coming into town or just right down the road actually, using the resources of our local businesses,” Doenges said.

Casella is not disclosing the purchase price ahead of the closing but hopes to complete the deal in the next couple of weeks.