World War II-era film, ‘The Farm Boy’ produced in Vt.

Published: Nov. 12, 2022 at 9:13 AM EST
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WATERBURY, Vt. (WCAX) - The movie is “The Farm Boy,” centered around a young man born and raised on a farm, and works as a milk driver for his father.

George Woodard began work on the film back in 2016, and says the script is taken from the stories of his parents, George and Teresa.

“He meets a girl at a barn dance, they get to know each other and eventually get married,” Woodard said. “Then he goes of to war in Europe in what is known as the Battle of the Bulge.”

Through extensive research and short stories from his father, Woodard set various stages of the movie, such as World War II-era, Belgium, on his more than 200 acres of farm land and woods in Waterbury.

He was also able to get his hands on several 1940′s style cars which are featured throughout the movie.

With the bulk of the movie set in December of 1944, Woodard says mother nature, wasn’t so kind during the process.

“The snow. We kept losing the snow. I think I’m the only person in April the last couple years that would say I wish we’d get a little more snow,” Woodard said.

The process has taken six-years. Through partnerships with history buffs throughout the state, community volunteers, and actors from the Lamoille County players, the film is nearly complete.

“Some of the stories of my mother and father were pretty good, pretty interesting, and the dialogue is interesting. So, I wanted to do something like that. But I also wanted to do a love story where our hero’s word is really important.”

Woodard says he wanted to bring those stories to life, while also staying true to the times, filming strictly in black and white.

Throughout our conversation, Woodard referred to the main character, played by his son, and the other soldiers represented as heroes.

“I think it’s important if you can come up with a story that’s honest,” Woodard said. “I think the men and the women that serve this country are heroes.”

Woodard says his hope is to debut the movie in February of 2023. For more information and to keep up with announcements, visit