What are you grateful for on this holiday of thanks?

Published: Nov. 24, 2022 at 4:59 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 24, 2022 at 6:51 PM EST
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - For many people, Thanksgiving is a day of reflection, getting together with loved ones and enjoying a home-cooked meal.

We asked some people who were out and about on the holiday to share what they’re thankful for this year. Here’s what they had to say.

“Very thankful to have good friends in my life-- and my husband and our puppy,” said Lori Holiff of Burlington.

“This year I’m thankful for my family, and for faith and community, and everybody coming together and helping each other out,” said Nic Mikeska of Greenwich, New York.

“Connecting with other human beings, feeling loved-- having the ability to love them, having the ability to care for them, just having conversation. Growing, evolving, learning from them and they help me learn from myself. More than anything just having your fellow family and humans around. There’s a connection there and there’s just a strength and unity,” said Delia Infantes of Brooklyn, New York.

“With everything over the last few years and everything, it’s just nice to be a member of the community, whether that be with friends family or anything like that. So, just thankful for that sense of community, especially because it’s so strong here in Vermont,” said Andy Ishu of Landgrove.

“I go to school in South Carolina, so it’s always fun to come home and see my family, have a nice, warm environment which I’m super thankful for... Be able to count my blessings in that way and be able to spend time with them,” said Libby Kowalski of Burlington.

“I’m thankful always for my family and they provide and give me love and life and strength... I’m really thankful to live in this beautiful state of Vermont,” said Keith Heingartner of Landgrove.

“I’m really thankful for my family and my friends, and obviously the last couple of years have been crazy, so just to be here with everyone. It’s nice to have things get back to normal,” said Anya McKenzie of Burlington.

“All of my children have turned into incredible adults, they’re raising fascinating children, and I’m so thankful that I’m included in their holiday,” said Lisa Hadley of Burlington.

“I’m thankful for my family definitely because they’ve been there through the hardest moments of my life-- and my friends, too, because they are just there to support me,” said Christian Mitchell of Burlington.

“Our eldest is a freshman in college this year and she’s back for Thanksgiving and I’m very thankful for that, and amazingly, so are her brothers, you know? It’s nice,” said Rick Hecht of Burlington.

“Getting up in the morning and feeling like-- I’m in Vermont and it’s Thanksgiving and it’s a time for rejoicing, that’s really precious,” said Kelly Cullins of Burlington.