Holiday pet remembrance service

Published: Dec. 3, 2022 at 10:03 PM EST
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COLCHESTER, Vt. (WCAX) - Holidays after the loss of a pet can be a really difficult time. Which is why some members of the community gathered in Colchester to commemorate their lost furry friends

“We know now that a lot of people have taken that next step to closure. We’ve never thought that we could end what they’re going through but certainly help them through the steps of grieving and the loss of their pets,” said John Workman, the Owner of AW Rich Funeral Home

For the first time since the pandemic, AW Rich Funeral Home held a holiday pet remembrance service. The ceremony was open to anyone with a pet they wanted to remember. Organizers say they’re happy to be able to help the grieving pet parents find closure.

“People recognize that pets are family and with COVID now settling down but it’s nice that people could get together and give the support especially when people have lost pets over the last few years. There’s been so difficult. They need that one on one. Just socializing with each other and supporting so we’re so happy we could do this for them,” said Workman

At the service, participants were given candles and ornaments with pictures of their pets. Those in attendance say they appreciate the sentiment and the opportunity to say goodbye one last time.

“That was very emotional for sure when I saw her picture. I’m glad I had this opportunity. It helps but we have great memories of her,” said Dale Thompson, a grieving pet parent at the service.

“It brought up a lot of feelings which I had to deal with and there were tears but that’s good,” said Ralph Simmons another grieving pet parents.

They also say they are thankful to have the support of their community while they grieve.

“This was fantastic. What a great service that Joh puts on here. It was very enlightening for sure,” said Thompson.