Made in Vermont: Mangia Bella Bakery

Published: Dec. 19, 2022 at 6:10 PM EST
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JERICHO, Vt. (WCAX) - Loving what you do for work is a treat, and for Jericho’s Amber Farr, the job is pretty sweet. Farr has been making cakes since she was little.

Her great-grandmother left behind a lot of cake decorating supplies after she passed.

“I kind of just dug through it in the cabinets when I was little and put together probably really, really ugly little cakes,” Farr said.

It’s safe to say her baking skills have improved since then, through trial and error and working at a grocery store bakery.

“I was mostly a packager, but when I could, I helped decorate cakes. So I pretty much learned all of the basics there,” she said.

Now, Farr makes cakes you could never find at a grocery store with thoughtful flavors and intricate decorations.

In 2019, she opened up her own business called Mangia Bella Bakery.

The name means “eat pretty,” and while it’s a good descriptor of her baked goods, it’s also a tribute to her roots.

“I have a really strong Italian-American background and for us, sharing food and meals, that’s what love is,” Farr explained.

Now, she bakes that love into every tier.

With a few weeks’ notice, Farr can make a tasty treat for just about any event.

“I’ve done over 20 weddings this past season. Just cookies to big elaborate three-tier cakes with tens of dozens of cupcakes,” Farr said.

She’s always willing to take on a challenge, from the construction to the taste.

“I really enjoy experimenting and adding a lot of flavor to things that I have,” Farr said.

Some of the orders look too good to eat, but they’re made with lots of love and local ingredients.

Farr takes orders via social media or online, so getting your just desserts is a piece of cake.