Winter driving expert offers tips for icy roads

Published: Dec. 22, 2022 at 11:20 AM EST
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LITTLETON, N.H. (WCAX) - Driving on icy roads can be hazardous, but if you do have to drive, experts say there are a few key points to keep in mind.

A winter driving school in Littleton says it’s important to go slowly, pay attention, and plan ahead for winter conditions. They recommend packing an emergency kit that included warm clothes, food, and water.

If you don’t have snow tires, make sure you’re at the right tire pressure and leave extra room between yourself and other vehicles.

“Slow inputs as far as steering and the brake pedal, the gas pedal -- just trying to do smaller requests of your vehicle, right? If it’s slippery, you just can’t ask it to do everything that you can do in August as far as speed or turning or braking,” explained Travis Hanson with Team O’Neil Rally School.

He says if you do find yourself skidding, it’s important to look where you want to go rather than at what you’re about to hit so that you can change the direction of the vehicle. He adds that you shouldn’t overestimate four-wheel drive -- while it allows you to speed up faster, it can’t help you slow down faster.

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