Legos robotics team gears up for state competition

Published: Jan. 14, 2023 at 8:52 PM EST
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The Bixby memorial library’s Lego robotics teams showed off their new projects in Vergennes today.

The explore team, made up of kids from first through third grade, demonstrated their stationary Lego windmill project.

While the middle school age challenge team showed their cow themed robot. The challenge team is gearing up for the statewide first Lego league competition, where the theme this year, is renewable energy.

Volunteers and coordinators for this team and the statewide competition tell us that Lego robotics have been a great way to get kids started in stem.

“Trying to get kids excited at the first-grade level, then they go on to the first Lego league challenge up through middle school. Then after that there are two more competitions. FTC and FRC, where the robots get bigger, and the competitions get a little more exciting. So, it’s about this pipeline of getting students excited early on,” said Mike Cross, a coach and coordinator for the championship event.

The Vergennes team will be competing against other teams across the state at Norwich on January 28th to show off their work and share what they have learned about robotics and renewable energy.