Super Senior: Bruce and Kathy Atwood

Published: Feb. 16, 2023 at 2:56 PM EST
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VERGENNES, Vt. (WCAX) - Kellie Thomas is back doing what she does best.

The Taekwondo instructor is teaching again after knee surgery. She works with kids as young as three, and the pee wee-size martial art students get a kick out of it. But it’s not all kids stuff, because the seniors have arrived. Kathy and Bruce Atwood traveled from their home in Shoreham to Vergennes to take Thomas’ class.

“Probably the biggest thrill of my life, actually,” Kathy said.

“They just bring a whole new element to class,” Thomas said.

So how did this all start? The Atwoods in 2019 were watching their grandchildren perform when Kathy approached Thomas.

“Kathy just came stomping up to me and said, we want to do this!” Thomas recalled.

“I thought, you know, I’d like to try this,” Kathy said.

What it turned into became a passion, and a goal to see how far they can go in Taekwondo. “It’s all of those goals, you keep moving forward,” Bruce said.

Both have earned a first-degree black belt and now they’re working on their second strip. “A lot of achy muscles,” Kathy said.

What the couple lack in dexterity is made up in drive.

Thomas trains mostly kids. At 72, Bruce is the oldest of her students. Kathy’s a few years younger.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Have you broken a board?

Kathy Atwood: Oh yes, that’s my favorite.

“They break boards quite a bit, but there’s nothing like breaking boards,” Thomas said.

“I hope we’re an inspiration for older people, too, to let them know, this is something you can do,” Kathy said.

The Atwood’s grandchildren have moved on to other activities but for this Super Senior couple, it’s been a hit. “We never gave up. We worked right until the end for our black belt and we’re still going,” Bruce said.