Made in VT: Rennline Manufacturing

Published: Jun. 5, 2023 at 3:06 PM EDT
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MILTON, Vt. (WCAX) - Rennline Manufacturing in Milton wears many hats.

“We manufacture everything and anything that we think we can make,” said Patrick Gallagher, co-owner of the manufacturing division.

He says the business, which opened in 1998, started out as tap handles and signage, among some other things. “Years back we did VH1 fashion awards, we did the video game awards for Spike TV,” he says. “The tap handle stuff is always fun because you never know what a customer is going to want.”

They still do all of that, enthusiastically. Though over the years, they’ve transformed into more of a metalworking and fabrication shop. If they can complete a job, they’re willing to tackle it. And if they don’t have the equipment to, they’ll work with other local shops that can get it done. “One day it’s jet engine parts; one day it’s a sign; the next day we’re cutting stone for a sculptor; The next day it’s a big sheet metal fabrication assembly,” says Gallagher. “It really is something different every day.”

But there are two sides to this versatile shop. The second side was born once the company’s founder realized they had both the machinery and the know-how to make car parts, too. “We also have an automotive division where we engineer parts primarily for Porsches,” said Tom Rittenburg, the vice president of automotive.

The variety of parts they can make is seemingly limitless, from exterior or suspension parts, to engine mounts, and even interior accessories. All of them are custom-fitted and built by their team of engineers. “Get a car in here, we’ll 3D scan it, we’ll get it in CAD, we’ll basically design the part in 3D, we’ll 3D print it and then we’ll fit it on the car, make sure it works,” explained Rittenburg. If it does work, they’ll send it down to manufacturing to make the final version. When WCAX paid Rennline a visit, they were making performance floor mats.

“Our customer is basically the guy or the girl who is going to drive their car to work during the week and then go racing on the track with their buddies on the weekends. So, we’re making parts kind of oriented towards that crowd,” says Rittenburg.

The staff says it doesn’t matter if your needs take you to the manufacturing or automotive department. Either way, you’ll find top-notch customer service and a dedication to getting the job done locally. “We’re basically creating what we like to think could be considered functional art,” says Rittenburg.