East Corinth buzzing with rumors of ‘Beetlejuice’ sequel prep

Published: Jun. 7, 2023 at 5:00 PM EDT
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EAST CORINTH, Vt. (WCAX) - Things are awfully quiet in the already quiet village of East Corinth, and it’s what people aren’t saying that makes the construction happening on Village Road all the more interesting.

Even if you say “Beetlejuice” three times, you still won’t get much information on what exactly is happening in the small Orange County village. But word on the street is that work on “Beetlejuice″ sequel is underway.

“There’s been a lot of Massachusetts plates running back and forth -- more than usual -- and they’re building a fake house up on the hill,” said Nancy Kittredge, who remembers when they shot the first movie back in the late ‘80s. “It was very open, you could walk up to Gina Davis and Alec Baldwin and, it was just very open. The whole town would come out on filming days.”

Not so much this time. Folks around town, including those at the Corinth Town Offices, were tight-lipped about if the work being done is related to “Beetlejuice 2,” some citing non-disclosure agreements.

But it’s undeniable that there’s a lot of work being done at some of the locations where the original movie was shot. And locals have taken note. “The general store, which was in disrepair, has been cleaned up, which is lovely because it was an eyesore,” said Shirley Montagne

Right now, it seems as if the house up on the hill and the store in the village are getting the most attention. The school, which is actually a Masonic Lodge, is seemingly untouched.

Rumors are flying about the project, which we’re told has been dubbed “Blue Hawaii.” And even though it’s nearly impossible to get confirmation that “Beetlejuice 2″ is happening. People we spoke to around town, like Montagne, welcome the production, reminiscing about the last one nearly 40 years ago. “It was really fun because a lot of the folks who were extras we knew, she said. “We all were on the lawn to watch and we were told to be very, very quiet because they couldn’t reconstruct it.”

We’re told “Beetlejuice” fans have been coming through town since the original movie was shot -- and even more so lately. And with a cult following for the movie, they’re expecting more. “Pretty cool for a small town,” Montagne said.

Warner Brothers last month announced that production on the sequel was in the works. Studio officials did not respond to a WCAX request for comments.