As temperatures go up, cyanobacteria blooms close down Burlington beaches

Published: Sep. 5, 2023 at 4:47 PM EDT
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - On this hot Tuesday, there was no relief for people at most Burlington beaches. Cyanobacteria blooms meant no swimming was allowed. But people found other ways to stay cool in the heat.

A 90-degree September day doesn’t slow down construction.

“Lots and lots of water obviously. I mean, it’s definitely sweaty,” said Jordan Varney, a carpenter.

Varney says water is the key to working long days outside in the heat and humidity.

“It gets hot, it is what it is but I mean we do what we do to get through it,” Varney said.

But the perfect way to cool off is with some ice cream. Rocky’s Manager Erik Fivoll says summer business has been booming but employees struggled a bit because of air conditioning issues.

“We’ve had some trouble with the AC,” he said. “It’s working now which is great. It’s definitely a lot nicer in here than it’s been during the summer but with the hot ovens, even with the AC, it still gets really hot in here but it’s normally pretty manageable.”

Some people say they don’t mind the heat but their furry friends do. Essex Junction resident Colby Benway recently got a dog and can’t take him on too many long walks.

“I do a little better than he does,” Benway said. “I don’t mind the heat but he can only handle about a half or so and then he wants to go back inside.”

The sun is not slowing down runners.

“I got a little late start to my morning so I missed the morning coolness but I gotta get out there and get the exercise no matter what really,” said Angelo Capito of Essex Junction.

A dip into Lake Champlain would be ideal to beat the heat but a cyanobacteria bloom closed most of Burlington beaches Tuesday.

“The plan was that I would dive in the lake this afternoon but it’s not going to happen because the water is green,” said Alan Moore of Essex Junction.

People should stay out of the water when there is cyanobacteria because the blooms can pose a health threat to people and pets.

Burlington’s Leddy Beach was the only beach open in the city by Tuesday afternoon after more reports of blue-green algae. Click here for the latest on Burlington beaches.