Super Senior: Lindy Millington

Published: Sep. 14, 2023 at 6:14 PM EDT
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - At her house in Burlington, 92-year-old Lindy Millington shares memories of special trips.

“Well this is my first trip,” she said.

It was a cross-country bike journey she took at 50 with her husband, Clyde. She would do it again at 77.

“I even went to China,” she said.

A blast from the past, but Lindy is far from hitting the brakes.

“I never liked driving a car and I think that’s why I got into bicycles,” she said.

Her first bike came after marriage. Lindy’s been riding ever since. She would pedal miles to work and made sure her kids each had a bike.

Lindy has invited me for a ride.

Lindy Millington: OK, let’s go... See if you can find me and catch up to me.

Reporter Joe Carroll: I’ll try.

Starting in Burlington, we head north up the bike path, stopping on the Winooski Bridge.

“This is where I stop often because I like to look out at the lake,” Lindy said.

After Clyde died, the bike rides helped with her loss.

“I was in the house alone and I needed to be with people,” she said. “So I would get on the bike and usually go out to the Causeway on the cut.”

When the bike ferry isn’t running, it’s the end of the line for the path. It’s a place where fellow cyclists congregate.

Joe Carroll: What kind of questions do you ask?

Lindy Millington: Ah, I don’t ask them how old they are!

Joe Carroll: Like I did to you?

Lindy: Yeah, right, I wouldn’t do that!

The trek continues into Colchester.

Joe Carroll: Did I impress you with that hill climb?

Lindy Millington: Yes, you did, good for you!

Sensing sarcasm, I ask Lindy not to spin the story but to tell it to me straight.

Joe Carroll: You think I’m a novice, don’t you?

Lindy Millington: I do. You’re trying to prove that you’re not.

We enter the Causeway, the former railroad track with stunning views of Lake Champlain.

Lindy Millington: It’s only two more miles to the cut.

Joe Carroll: I know.

Lindy: Well, you’ve done well so far.

There, as expected, strangers become fast friends.

Lindy Millington: So I’m older than 92, I’m 92 and something.

Jared Lebowitz: I wish I’m still riding at 92!

Joe Carroll: You’re kind of a social butterfly here.

Lindy Millington: I talk to men and women!

Pedaling a lifestyle she hopes others will embrace.

“I’m only doing what I like to do,” she said.

And with that, it’s back to Burlington. The 13-mile journey is coming to an end.

“I always enjoy myself on a bicycle. Sometimes I wonder who’s behind me, though. And I think some man was following me the whole trip,” she said.

Guilty as charged, but a ride to remember.

“When I’m 150, I’ll give up,” Lindy said.