Vermonters, visitors bask in late summer sunshine

Published: Oct. 3, 2023 at 3:44 PM EDT
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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) - After a soggy summer, Vermonters have been soaking up the sun -- and fall foliage -- the last two weeks.

William Bryant has dabbled in his South Burlington community garden plot for 22 years and says he’s never seen sun like this.

“It’s perfect. This is the kind of sunny day you want all summer, but you don’t get that,” Bryant said. He has until next weekend to clear out his garden plot. As he pulls up pepper plants, he says closing time typically has a chill, but not this year. “It’s beautiful. Trying to clean up the garden from stuff that’s growing late because of the weather we’ve had.”

Over on Dorset Street, Maddie Pfeifer went for a run on her lunch break. The new Vermonter says it’s not what she anticipated for fall weather. “The foliage change, crisp weather, maybe some early snow. I’ll run year-round, but I’m enjoying the sunshine while we have it,” she said.

At Wheeler Dog Park, Peter Trottier plays fetch with his dog, Simi. “it’s a beautiful day. Give her a little exercise, wear her out,” he said.

The native Vermonter says this fall is nothing like those he’s grown up with. “It’s unusual. We’re used to being in the low 50s or cooler at night, for sure, so it’s awesome.”

Tourists have been caught off guard, too. Diana Francis drove across the country from San Diego with her husband to see the foliage. “Hopefully be here before there is any snow or really bad weather. We’re just pleasantly surprised. It’s gorgeous,” she said.

Forecasters say a return to reality will come as we head towards the weekend, with a cold front and some showers on Friday -- maybe even a little snow in the higher elevations.