Dave Busch

Dave Busch

Dave's hometown is Warwick, New York. After high school, he worked as a carpenter (Busch Contracting) for five years. Now, carpentry is just a hobby... his true love is weather. "My family encouraged me to go for Meteorology... I'll always appreciate the love and support they've given me," Dave says. Ever since he was a kid, he would always go outside on his porch during a thunderstorm and just gaze at the sky.

Dave attended the University of Oklahoma for 4 years, where he earned a bachelor degree in Meteorology. He enjoyed chasing tornadoes, and got to see at least two of them. He also volunteered as a Meteorologist on Norman News, owned and operated by the University of Oklahoma. It was then that Dave realized he wanted to be a TV Meteorologist.

After the University of Oklahoma, he spent one year at the New England School of Communications in Bangor, Maine, earning a Certificate in Broadcasting in May 2000, along with being awarded Student of The Year. In August 2000, he began working at WCAX-TV as the weekend Meteorologist. In April 2001, he began working some weekdays in the production department, working Master Control for 15 years, in addition to doing the weekend weather.

Dave married the love of his life, Katherine, in August 2010, and they have two children, Sam and Abby. Dave and "Kat" are huge fans of vintage appliances and love to visit antique stores, flea markets and yard sales hoping to find some treasures. Dave also loves gardening and cooking. Being the proud owner of more than 6,000 cookbooks and magazines, there's always something interesting cooking in the kitchen!