Olivia Lyons


Olivia was born and raised in Rutland, Vermont, and is proud to call this state her home. She graduated from Champlain College in May 2019, magna cum laude majoring in Broadcast Media Production and specializing in Journalism. Olivia interned with our station during her junior year of college and continued to work as a fill-in reporter, photographer and associate producer throughout her senior year of college.

As long as Olivia can remember, she has had an interest in journalism. As a young kid, she would host pretend talk shows by interviewing her friends and parents, and participated in many newspapers, daily news broadcasts and online publications throughout her school years. She is excited to begin a career in Burlington and travel around the state talking to Vermonters about what matters to them.

When Olivia is not working, she enjoys hiking, going to local beaches, finding yummy restaurants all over the state and curling up with a good book by a fire in the winter.

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Latest News