13 protesters cited for disorderly conduct

Published: Jul. 28, 2018 at 7:07 PM EDT
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Over one hundred people stood on the sidewalk across from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices in Williston.

Activists said the Trump administration is past the deadline that was set to reunite immigrant children and parents that have been separated under the administration's zero tolerance policy. Hundreds of children are still separated from their parents. Those who participated say they want to end laws that criminalize those who are seeking asylum.

“We are here absolutely to say to all of the families who are trying to seek better lives for themselves, we have not forgotten about you and that's exactly why we are here. We are all people trying to help each other,” said Rebecca Sterns of Burlington.

“Forcible separation of children from their parents is outrageous and needs to end. A percentage of families have been reunited and that's just not enough,” said Rian Tokar of East Montpelier.

Williston Police say they received phone calls around 11 A.M. Saturday morning. Callers said that protestors were blocking the road. Police say when they arrived they gave the opportunity to clear the road. When the protesters did not leave, police arrested 11 adults and 2 minors.

“There was (again) a group of 14 that whatever their personal reasons of choices were decided getting arrested would help their message or help their cause, and that's the route that the choose,” said Sergeant of the Williston Police Department.

Those who were arrested were released on citation and will appear in court in August.