2 arrested in connection with burglary at Orange pig farm

ORANGE, Vt. (WCAX) There's a new twist to this summer's Great Pig Escape -- two suspects have been charged in the burglary of an Orange County farm.

Walter Jeffries, the owner of Sugar Mountain Farm in Orange, has claimed from the very beginning that his farm was burglarized and someone sabotaged the fences which caused hundreds of pigs to get loose for weeks. And while we still do not know who is responsible for the pigs getting out, we have confirmed that at least two suspects are charged in connection with a burglary at the farm.

Vermont State Police released a photo of two burglary suspects back in September and now WCAX has confirmed arrests have been made. According to court documents, Jennie Galway admitted that she and her boyfriend, Shawn Stevens, stole tools from the farm back in August. But the alleged burglary happened nearly two weeks after hundreds of pigs had already escaped from their fences. Galway and Stevens have not been charged in connection with the pigs getting out.

Jeffries says he's glad progress is being made in the case, but is hopeful more arrests are coming. "Somebody cut my fences," he said.

Reporter Adam Sullivan: Do you know why?
Walter Jeffries: Because they are an ex-employee and they are angry and they have been SWATing me for months and they have done a whole lot of other stuff, vandalism and sabotage, and it has been an ongoing thing since about April.

Jeffries added that he does not know the two people who have been arrested for burglary. Vermont State police are continuing to investigate Jeffries pig escape theory, but no arrests have been made to date when it comes to sabotage, or vandalism at the farm. Jeffries told me that he has been in regular contact with the state police and is thankful for the work they are doing on the case.

As far as the escaped pigs go, he says that all of them have been rounded up and are now home.