$209M school bond driving South Burlington voters to polls

Published: Mar. 3, 2020 at 12:58 PM EST
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A proposed $209 million school bond in South Burlington has been facing scrutiny and local residents said it was driving them to the ballot box Tuesday.

The goal of the project is to address overcrowding and aging mechanical and electrical infrastructure at South Burlington High School and Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School.

After weighing five options, the board and the company hired to complete the project, decided on a plan to knock down both schools and build a brand new one that students will share.

Locals we spoke to say they don't question that the school buildings need improvements, but they are stunned by how much it will cost.

"Structurally, they might need some renovation. I can understand that. But kids have been educated in these buildings for better than 50 years and I can't understand why we can't make them suitable going into the future without spending $200 million," said Peter McCarthy, a 60 year resident who attended both schools.

He says he thinks the buildings are fine as they are and can do the job of educating students just as well as they did for him.

If the bond is approved, residents still won't know how much they will have to pay. School board members tell us it's impossible to calculate the impact for each individual resident until the plan is in motion.

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