30th year of the Lamoille Valley gun show

Published: Mar. 18, 2018 at 4:47 PM EDT
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Conversations about proposed changes to Vermont's gun laws at the gun show in Essex Saturday and Sunday.

It's the 30th year of the Lamoille Valley gun show which was held at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds. It raises money for the Lamoille fish and game club.

With more than 200 tables of firearms, equipment and accessories, there was plenty to see. People we spoke with say new proposed laws in Montpelier concern them. They're urging lawmakers to leave gun laws the way they are.

"Let's do what we need to do to get people that have mental issues or medication issues or whatever let's get them to help they need before it reached reaches crisis mode but let's not blame everybody else for the actions of few," said Scott Chapman of Monkton.

"That concerns us you know that they're changing laws infringing on laws. Not only will not be enforceable that won't make any difference," said Lawrence Hamel of the Gun Show committee.

Organizers told us they don't think the proposed changes will hurt gun shows because they say it was a very busy weekend.