3SquaresVT goes online as part of nationwide pilot

WATERBURY, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont has become the latest state to participate in a nationwide pilot program allowing the use of SNAP food benefits to purchase food online.

Recipients of 3SquarestVT can now buy eligible food items on Amazon.com, where they pay with EBT food benefits, and Walmart.com, where they can pay with EBT food or cash benefits.

Delivery is available and recipients can pick up items ordered from Walmart.com only at the Bennington location. Other stores may be added later.

“This pilot gives people who get 3SquaresVT more options to put food on their tables, safely,” DCF Commissioner Ken Schatz said. “This is important during the current health crisis, especially for vulnerable Vermonters. Some may be at higher risk for COVID-19; some may not have access to private transportation.”

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