4 Norwich football players kicked off team after alleged attack

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NORTHFIELD, Vt. (WCAX) Four Norwich University football players accused of breaking into a dorm room and attacking three other students earlier this month are no longer on the team's roster. This comes after one of the suspects, who is also the team captain, was allowed to play during last weekend's homecoming game.

Our Calvin Cutler is following this story trying to get some answers.

School officials confirm all four of the students are no longer on the team and one of them is no longer enrolled at the school.

Court records show that Connor Shea, 20, Owen McKenna, 21, Ryan Shea, 21, and Michael Curran, 22, broke into a dorm room on Sept. 8 and allegedly beat up three other students over $5.

Records also show that one of the victims of the alleged attack got a black eye and had to go to the hospital for stitches.

Connor Shea, Ryan Shea and Owen McKenna are all still enrolled at Norwich. But school staffers say after Sept. 18, Michael Curran was no longer enrolled at Norwich.

WCAX News is trying to find out exactly why McKenna was allowed to play during last weekend's game against the Coast Guard Academy even with the assault and burglary charges lingering.

School officials declined an interview but added that they take every report seriously and follow a rigorous procedure. They say it involves an internal investigation, interim action if appropriate, the close of the investigation and then final action.

School staffers say disciplinary records are protected under federal law.

Our Calvin Cutler spoke with an employee of Norwich University Friday. He's not revealing the person's identity to protect their job. The person said the football team could "Get pretty crazy at times."

There's been several reports of hazing at Norwich over the years but never with the football team.