4 men arrested after golf cart joy rides

WINDHAM, Vt. Vermont State Police responded to a golf course in Windham, after getting a report of people riding golf carts at 2:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Troopers found several carts damaged at the Tater Hill Golf Course on Popple Dungeon Road. They also discovered people had entered the club house building.

Troopers said they caught Caleb Green, 18, of Mt. Holly, driving a golf cart on Popple Dungeon Road. Police said he was drunk and had stolen golf shoes.

Police later found Marc Sheldon, 18, of Proctorsville, Gary Clay, 18 of Windham and Dean Stanchfield, 20, of Ludlow at a home in Windham.

Police said the four men had broken into the club house and stolen merchandise from the pro shop. The men allegedly stole dozens of bottle of liquor and wine as well as 200 beers.

Police said the men damaged the golf course, pins, markers and greens by driving golf carts over them.

The men were arrested on charges of burglary, unlawful mischief, and possession of stolen property. All four were also issued diversion paperwork for underage drinking.

They are expected in court next month.