MiVT: Pebble art

ST. ALBANS, Vt. (WCAX) A St. Albans woman is creating rock solid artwork, and she has two young inspirations for her Made in Vermont pebble pieces.

In her St. Albans studio, Donna Blatchly is creating her latest piece of pebble art. "You make a scene and you tell a story, which is basically what that is," Blatchly said.

It all started last Summer after she saw a pebble art picture online "I was amazed that something so simple could be so powerful," Blatchly said. "The first piece I saw was a family of four, much like this one here."

From there, Blatchly started to make her own pieces, using her family as influence, especially grandchildren Layla and Foster. "I'd pick her up and toss her and pick her up and toss her and again again she'd say," Blatchly said.

Donna picks her pebbles at the pines on the Georgia coast. She says she's not looking for anything in particular and she's never found a pebble she couldn't use. "I love to feel that pebble in my hand. I like the roughness of it," she said. "I can picture something when I'm touching it... when I picked it up I was like, oh that's a shirt."

Donna calls it her retirement hobby. She sells her pieces through the Milton Artists' Guild, artist-in-residence programs, and Vermont Hand Crafters. Custom orders are her favorite. "They see something in what I've created that means something to them -- that's what I try to do," Blatchly said.

When it comes to making artwork from the heart, Blatchly leaves no stone unturned.