Puerto Rico desperate for help distributing food, water

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (CBS) The desperation in Puerto Rico is growing in the wake of Hurricane Maria. At least 16 deaths are blamed on Maria and its aftermath. And officials say the situation could get worse if emergency supplies aren't distributed soon.

Jesus Garces Soto is battling Stage 4 cancer. His wife, a breast cancer survivor herself, brought him to the Hospital del Maestro the night Hurricane Maria hit.

"Being here is very difficult," Soto said. "It's the no air conditioning in the rooms."

Just one generator keeps two floors operational but fuel is low and frustrations are high.

"I feel like we have been like abandoned," medical director Veronica Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says only one of the hospital's five operating rooms is usable.

"What I fear most is that a patient can die because of this," Rodriguez said.

Temperatures have reached 90 degrees. Nearly half of the island has no water. The governor says they're desperate for drivers. He says food and water is sitting at the port ready to go, but there is no one to drive it to the stores. He said they're literally asking anyone, bus drivers, commercial truck drivers, anyone who can drive the truck legally to help.

"If you are a bus driver and have equipment, just come to where the diesel is being dispensed, come where the food is being dispensed in the ports, we are making every effort to make sure everybody knows this," Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello said.